20+ YouTube Channels for Designers/Front-End Developers

20+ YouTube Channels for Designers/Front-End Developers

UI/UX design channels only

Tutorials, tips, advice, information helps a lot. While these things can be written they can also be in a video which some or most people find easier to understand and move along with.

As a designer and/or a front-end developer, YouTube can play an important role in your career. For example, if you wanted to learn how to use Figma to design prototypes, there are videos to guide you on that.

One of the benefits of video tutorials is the face-to-face learning atmosphere it provides. When watching these videos you feel like the instructor is there with you in your room or office. See more benefits of video tutorials.

Finding a good YouTube channel that is focused on UI/UX designs and/or Front-End web development can be tedious. That is why I have outlined these 20+ YouTube channels for front-end web developers and/or UI/UX designers.

Now, these YouTube channels are all active and they all have their uniqueness. Some of them are focused on improving your UI/UX design using Figma or Adobe XD as the case may be, some of them give you useful information on design trends that keeps you inspired.

Others give useful advice on career paths, getting clients, making money, etc. Some others are focused on your front-end web development skills for example with CSS. So I would recommend you check as many as you can.

And of course, some are "all in one" package. So they are all unique, that's the beautiful thing. So head up to their channels and subscribe.

Permit me to sort this list based on the highest subscribers

1. DesignCourse by Gary Simon

This channel is one of the "all in one" channels. DesignCourse is an awesome interactive channel to learn design tips (the deep things of designs), get advice, watch tutorials of Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, and CSS, etc.

Oftentimes Gary Simon often does a live review show, where he reviews websites from other developers, rates the website and tells them their errors if there are any.

It's a great channel you definitely wanna check out and stick to.

Number of Subscribers: 837k (that's a lot of people)

2. Dev Ed

Recently Dev Ed has been bombarding YouTube and the whole of the internet with great UI/UX designs on Figma and with HTML and CSS.

Dev Ed as always has a way of making you smile while you learn which makes it very interactive. Videos on this channel vary from tutorials on prototypes, animations using tools like Figma and Adobe XD to CSS and HTML tutorials, every once in a while design tips and advice, etc.

This channel is one of the fastest-growing channels for front-end developers and/or UI/UX designers. So you should definitely check it out.

Number of Subscribers: 694k

3. Online Tutorials

Want to learn CSS animations with CSS3? This is your channel. On this channel, you will get videos on animations and Website designs almost every day.

Online Tutorials is a channel for learning Complete responsive website design, creative CSS animation and hover effects, amazing Vanilla Javascript projects, creative UX and UI design using Html and CSS, and much more.

Number of Subscribers: 555k

4. Easy Tutorials

Another channel packed full of CSS3 animations is Easy Tutorials. With this channel you can learn different CSS3 effects, creating websites with awesome designs using HTML and CSS.

Definitely check this out.

Number of Subscribers: 529k

5. Kevin Powell

Wanna learn CSS tips and tricks? This channel is for you. With videos released twice a week, you can improve your CSS by subscribing and actively participating.

Every so often Kevin Powell makes videos on how you can improve your UI designs, HTML and CSS core concepts, CSS fundamentals, CSS tips, and tricks, etc.

Number of Subscribers: 363k

6. Bring Your Own Laptop

Kind of a very funny and weird name. But ignore the name of the channel, let's talk about how it can benefit you.

This channel provides information and tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator. You can go from a beginner in Adobe XD or Photoshop to a pro with the videos from this channel.

It's a perfect place to get tutorials on Adobe software for designs.

Number of Subscribers: 289k

7. AJ&Smart

AJ&Smart is a great resource for UI/UX Design tips and tutorials. Videos are uploaded on this channel weekly on different topics around design.

Some of the videos include project reviews, product designs tutorials, Figma, and Adobe XD tutorials, live question and answer segments, product design advice, and tips.

Number of Subscribers: 205k

8. Jesse Showalter

Jesse Showalter shares Digital Design & Web Development videos each week focusing on tools, techniques, projects, and more to help you make amazing things.

It includes top website reviews that can inspire you, Adobe XD live tutorials, Figma tutorials, design tips and tricks, 3D designs, tools recommendations, and so much more.

I won't fail to mention that Jesse Showalter is a pretty lively instructor and as such you don't get bored while watching.

Number of Subscribers: 193k

9. Adrian Twarog

Honestly, I really wished I could have this channel among the top three, but the rule is the rule.

It is one of the fastest-growing design channels on YouTube, it started in 2019 (that's just two years) and has had over 5,118,537 views. That's a lot of views in two years. No surprise the channel is growing fast but this is my reason:

Adrian Twarog releases videos weekly on website design sketching, Figma tutorials, TailwindCSS, and Bootstrap tutorials, design tips and advice, general tips, website reviews, website redesign, website design with HTML and CSS, and lots more.

Definitely check this channel out.

Number of Subscribers: 120k (now that's a lot of numbers for a two-year-old channel)

10. Mike Locke

Want a channel where you can just get advice on UI/UX design? then you should definitely check this channel out.

Mike Locke's channel gives you interview tips, career advice, design tips and advice, zero tutorials, live question and answer segment.

Number of Subscribers: 111k

11. Punit Chawla

Punit Chawla is a channel for UI/UX design tutorials.

Videos are released twice a week on design resources, UI/UX designs with Figma and Adobe XD, UI/UX design review, course recommendations, design tools update and so much more.

Number of Subscribers: 82k

12. Filip

Another awesome channel with videos almost every week is Filip.

Videos on this channel are mostly based on CSS tutorials and tricks, front-end web development updates, UI/UX tools recommendations, and lots more.

Number of Subscribers: 49.1k

13. CareerFoundry

CareerFoundry is an online school that offers courses on UI/UX design on its site.

On YouTube, they have a channel for sharing videos weekly on UI/UX design tips, advice, live portfolio review, CSS crash courses, Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma tutorials, design interview guides.

They just hit 40k followers, the night before concluding this article it was 39.9k. So join them to celebrate, go check them out.

Number of Subscribers: 40k

14. Keep Coding

Want courses and crash courses on Bootstrap? Give Keep Coding a try.

Apart from Bootstrap, there are videos on CSS tricks and tutorials, logo designs, design tips. Videos are uploaded almost twice a week.

Number of Subscribers: 33.7k

15. Antony Conboy

This channel is for people interested in UX, UI, and Graphic Design.

Videos from Antony Conboy are around design tools recommendations, portfolio reviews, UI/UX design tips, and career advice.

Number of Subscribers: 25.9k

16. Sharon Onyinye

Sharon Onyinye shares videos on UI/UX design tips and career advice.

Just as the other channels, Sharon shares her advice based on her experience; which is a good way for you to learn fast, knowing what is ahead.

Number of Subscribers: 22.8k

17. Rachel How

Another female in the industry who is doing really well is Rachel How.

Videos on this channel are released almost every week on UI/UX design tips, Figma tutorials, and tips, portfolio reviews, tools recommendations.

This channel started uploading videos about 4 months ago and has now been viewed over 267k+ times making it channel one of the fastest-growing channels on UI/UX design on YouTube.

Definitely check it out.

Number of Subscribers: 14.4k (that's a lot of people for a 4-month-old channel)

18. Joy Shaheb

"Oh yes, another female", sorry to disappoint but ... hmm.

Joy Shaheb is a channel with videos on Figma tutorials, CSS tutorials in-depth. This channel is mostly on CSS tutorials.

Number of Subscribers: 5.63k

19. Tutorial Tim

Where are all my Figma admirers? Let me hear you say Figma! Figma! Figma!

For the past two years, videos on the Tutorial Tim channel have been on Figma tutorials, Figma plugin recommendations, Figma tips, and tricks, Figma crash courses, and master courses.

Do you want to develop your Figma skills? Definitely check this channel out.

Number of Subscribers: 3.05k

20. Code and Dream

A mother in the house!! Am really excited I discovered this channel, honestly.

The Code and Dream channel uploads videos almost every week (recently) on CSS arts, tutorials, tips, recommendations, and advice.

This channel is also one of the channels growing rapidly.

Number of Subscribers: 2.22k

21. Asli Aditi

Asli Aditi's channel shares videos majorly on opportunities as a designer.

You want to be a UI/UX designer and you wish to study in a big university, with this channel you can get information on scholarships for designers.

Videos on this channel also include design interviews tips, recommendations, design tips.

Number of Subscribers: undefined


Oh wow! That's a long list of great resources you should check out. I did all these deep downs for you (just for you). You really don't need to pay for courses to get started with UI/UX design or/and Front-end web development.

There are tons of resources (some not even mentioned here) out there that can get you up and running. These channels are there to genuinely educate and inspire you for greater things.

So let's follow them closely.

Alright, that's it for today, tell me what you think in the comment section, also let me know who am missing out on (even if that's you). Also kindly share to anyone aspiring to become a designer or developer. Thank you for reading.