Introducing an Ultimate Web/Mobile Dev Roadmap


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Hey everyone! Hope you're doing great! Allow me to interrupt your scrolling or whatever you were doing to introduce to you an ultimate web and mobile development roadmap.

Don't be surprised how short this article is because it isn't the ultimate roadmap, rather it leads to the roadmap. Now, what is this roadmap?

Many a time, I have been asked "How do I become a developer Elijah?", and am sure some of you have been asked as well. How do you answer? Do you repeat what you've told your previous friend or do you direct the friend to a tweet/article?

However the way I do this no matter how concise I may have written an article/tweet on it, I always feel like I don't fully communicate all the [updated] details I want to in a custom way that concerns the user.

Most times, I find myself asking my friend "What do you love doing the most?", "Is it web dev or mobile dev?", all those kinds of questions just to make sure I don't wind up recommending what he/she does not need.

So one time I got asked, I figured I should do something simple for people to use that is also possible to contribute to.

I wanted to write an article that people can contribute to, but articles contain too many words and less interactivity.

So I created devRoadMap.


devRoadMap creates a roadmap for a user based on his/her interest. So technically you just keep clicking what interests you until it arrives at a conclusion of the languages you should learn and in what order you should learn them.

It also recommends things you should do before moving to other languages or after studying a language.

It is not an AI, it is just plain JavaScript with a ton of JSON data, and a ton of DOM manipulation :).

As a beginner

If you're just starting out, and you want to know how to become a developer. There is a tool for you to know the languages to learn and how to learn them. What it does is suggests languages for you to get started with based on your interest.

Now it doesn't ask silly questions like "What's your favorite food" just to know what language would be good for you. Instead, it asks questions to see your ambition and what takes you to the part of development that fits your ambition.

So head up to devRoadMap. Click the "Get Started" button and get started.

You should note that it still is very basic, though it has a lot of information you need. I want to work on improving it day to day while maintaining its simplicity.

As a developer

Why should I care Elijah?

As mentioned before, you have probably been asked to help start the dev journey of a friend (not necessarily your friend, but everyone is a friend - you get the point ๐Ÿ‘Œ).

You may not have realized it as I have said it ("start the dev journey..."), but it is what it is. When they take your advice, they are definitely going to start their journey that way.

So let's not make them look back and regret why they chose a particular language to start with. They may not fault you, of course, they shouldn't after all they probably didn't state what they were really interested in.

But rather than all that, why not work together and improve this tool? A tool that puts the interest of the user first and sums up what he/she needs to become the developer of his/her dream.

As of now, devRoadMap covers the basic interests of people who want to be a developer, explaining what each part of development is. But from where I see it, it has a long way to go to cover what everyone and anyone would need.

I want it to be a tool I'd recommend for a friend and go to sleep knowing it's going to do the job and that friend is going to get off with learning what he/she is really interested in.

There are situations where the friend would have a hard time choosing because he/she doesn't know what he should be interested in. For example, a friend who simply wants to be a part of the dev branch that makes a lot of money, well this tool doesn't do that yet, but it should if it's going to be for everyone.

So give it a star, contribute to it, recommend it, and see it grow.

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